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Perfection in every square meter

At all times own house represents success and happiness. Elite interiors studio Antonovich Design for more than ten years creates luxurious interiors and exteriors of homes around the world. A separate direction, which we pay particular attention, is the creation of author projects of houses and apartments in Turkey. Luxurious interiors are already being enjoyed by hundreds of apartment owners of this beautiful country. On our site you can familiarize with the examples of bright and stylish interiors that reflect the latest trends in fashion design and architecture.

The modern design by our studio is a very multi-faceted process that requires a lot of talent and high professionalism. Interior designer sensitively monitors fashion trends and possibilities of modern technology to create your own ideal comfort.

At the highest level, our experts will provide the following services:

  • house design
  • apartment design
  • architectural design
  • 3d house design
  • exterior design

Luxury house design by elite interiors studio Antonovich Design satisfies the most demanding customers. We create the best luxurious interiors, never happen again. Each design project, as well as our every customer is unique. In projects we harmoniously combine a long tradition and the latest technology, erecting luxury and comfort to unprecedented heights. The interior is not just a comfort zone, but it becomes an ideal habitat. 3D house design is the first stage which helps to clearly see all the details of the future house. Our visualization projects have a high clarity of details and textures. A implementation corresponds clearly to the project.

Every square meter of the interior will be designed to details.

  • The living room design surrounds with comfort and emphasizes your exquisite taste.
  • The kitchen design harmoniously combines the latest kitchen appliances and modern storage systems
  • The bedroom design is a comfortable oasis for relaxation
  • The bathroom design will give pleasure and relaxation.

A very important moment in the creation of a new home is a design of the exterior. Beauty exterior decoration adequately emphasizes the elite status of the mansion. The architectural design takes into account the style in which the project is implemented. The house, which will be created by the architects and designers of Antonovich Design Studio, is sure to become the subject of your pride.

Design loft reflects exactly your lifestyle. A bold blend of styles, spectacular design techniques help us to create unique author projects. Modern house is an ideal organization of space and comfort, which help to create modern technology. Interior lighting can change its intensity and color only slightly pressing the remote control. Home spa area will bring into the house a lot of pleasure from the water treatments. Comfortable hookah room with luxurious sofas will be a wonderful place to relax and talk with friends.

Living room design in modern interiors offers a number of features. In many different styles of interior living room, kitchen and dining room are combined into a single unit area. With floors or ceiling decor interior designers divide the interior space into zones. The interior will be particularly luxurious, when it contains such beautiful materials such as silk, marble, precious woods.

Modern kitchen design for luxurious decoration outside hides a maximum of functionality and ergonomics. To separate the kitchen from the living room in order to avoid penetration of odors modern sliding system will help.

Bedroom design is distinctive with luxury mood with romantic and intimate touch. Softness and warmth of home comfort is underlined with soft wall panels upholstered in velvet or natural leather. Mirrored panels and luxurious chandeliers bring in bedroom interior wonderful mood of celebration of life.

Bathroom design in a modern house, which will be created for you by our talented interior designers, will not only continue the overall design concept of the house, but will bring maximum comfort and convenience.

Addressing to our studio you will get the most positive emotions. Your interior will be fashionable, stylish, luxurious, and most importantly, unique. Our experts, creating the best luxury interiors of houses and apartments, have become trendsetters in interior design. Interior design in our works is elevated to the rank of real art. And this art will delight by its impeccable beauty and luxury for many years. VIP design for your ideal home by interior designers Antonovich Design will emphasize the elite status and lifestyle.

Portfolio of works on our site will help to determine the preferences in styles and will give dreams exact forms. A realization of your dreams about your cozy home will be carried out by designers and architects of our studio.

The interior design of the elite design studios Antonovich Design is the world’s level of service and creating the best interiors. A modern house or a modern apartment from our designers is a great opportunity to fulfill your dream of your cozy and luxurious family home.