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Living Room Design

The living room design from talented designers of Antonovich Design Studio impresses with its luxurious furnishings and cozy charm image. Windows became bright and rich accents. The windows are decorated with luxurious curtains of silk velvet of rotten cherries shade. Curtains are picked up with large golden tassels, opening large panoramic windows and flowing into the living room interior enough sunlight. Floor design can be easily compared to a work of art. Interior designers beautifully combine the capabilities of modern technology and old traditions. It is only with the help of the latest methods of laser cutting such amazing patterns on the marble floor can be created.

The high ceiling is completely covered with decorative plaster of velvet’s texture. The luxurious ceiling decoration of the living room interior is completed with delicate stucco decoration, which frames the elegant chandelier. The living room design harmoniously combines modern classics and art deco. This is largely reflected in the decoration of the walls. The wall, where a luxurious marble fireplace placed, is decorated with a large beveled mirror panels in the spirit of Art Deco. The main decoration of the living room interior became comfortable furniture that is upholstered with noble velvet in tone of windows decoration. House design perfectly embodies modern luxury and corresponds to the fashion trends.

Bedroom interior

Best bedrooms interiors from Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design always represent the future trends in fashion and luxury. Read more. The bedroom interior brings aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation only. A wake up or fall asleep in such apartments is a true happiness. Interior designers have implemented the dream of home owners about their unique and luxurious interior. The spirit of noble classics cutely is side by side with elegant and playful art deco. Stylish and trendy interior fully reflects the good mood of the eternal celebration of life.

The combination of gold, red and cream colors and natural wood of valuable species elevates the luxury of this beautiful interior to an unprecedented height. Thanks to the floor with light natural wood and a large Persian carpet, bedroom interior looks homely. A big comfortable bed covered with silk bedspreads of nice red hue that blends perfectly with the windows design. High headboard is decorated with soft milky panel made of genuine leather and inlaid with carved ornate, hand-decorated with gilding. Elegant and festive mood in the bedroom interior is brought with large mirror panels behind the headboard of the bed, which reflect the luxurious apartments.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design in its luxurious decoration is as perfect as the rest of the apartment of the house. Interior designers have paid special attention to the kitchen interior, as the lady of the house is interested in cooking. The author kitchen furniture looks very luxurious. The facades are made of natural wood, which is painted in warm pastel shade. All furniture inlaid with ornate carved décor, handmade with silvering. Very comfortable and modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances are hidden inside. Part of the furniture serves as show-case, transparent glass, through which exquisite dishes are visible. Work surfaces made of natural stone complete elite look of the kitchen. Luxury kitchen design is in all aspects.

The walls are decorated with decorative plaster with the silk texture and boiserie is filled with wall coverings with printed pattern that shimmers under the light of a luxurious pearlescent chandeliers. Interior designer provided luxurious decor ceiling as well. The ceiling is decorated with a deep circular niche in the center of which the interior is lightening with massive crystal chandelier. Decorative plaster with the texture of silk ceiling perfectly fit into the interior. Bright and festive lighting completed the kitchen interior with point crystal lamps, which are evenly spaced around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Bathroom interior

Dazzling beauty of the bathroom from interior design studio Antonovich Design fully reflects a perfect combination of old traditions and possibilities of modern technology. Small in area apartments of the bathroom are filled with luxurious decor in the spirit of classics and baroque. Massive carved handmade frame, which are covered with gold leaf, perfectly fit into the bathroom interior. Frame framed mirrors and open shelves. Traditionally for luxury bathroom interiors designers use natural marble in the floor decoration in this project. Marble surface of the floor in the bathroom interior is completed with silver mosaic tiles. Decor motives of the floor are repeated by interior designers on the walls, which are also decorated with natural marble and mosaic tiles.

The high ceiling is decorated with graceful swirls of gilded stucco decoration, which is harmoniously combined with wrought iron swirls elements of the elegant chandelier. Bathroom interior looks luxurious and very stylish. Designers have added accents in the form of soft blue lighting over the whole space bathroom to the luxurious bathroom interior. This spectacular design method significantly increased the magnificence of the interior. The house design makes you feel surrounded by luxury and comfort in any moments.

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