Interior Design Portfolio

On our site we suggest to have a look at our portfolio of interior design, which are created by talented designers of our studio. In the gallery of houses you can see the luxurious author interiors. Only the best houses designs, the best bedroom designs, living rooms and other apartments on our website. While creating elite houses, Elite Interiors Studio Antonovich Design has become world-famous. We create the best design interiors for those who understand the world of luxury and comfort. Projects of houses, exterior design, luxury interior design, all this is provided at the highest international level. Detailed design visualization allows our customers at first fully get acquainted with their future home, take a virtual tour of beautiful luxury apartments and look in every corner.

Implemented luxury houses projects and apartments amaze their owners in Europe and Asia. They are suburban palace complexes, government residences, apartments, loft design, luxury apartments and houses. Each project is unique in its beauty and splendor. Interior design portfolio on our website demonstrates the depth and diversity of designers’ talent who make dreams come true, erasing the fine line that exists between dream and reality.

Our interiors give a wonderful feeling of perfect comfort surrounded by beauty. Author solutions in each project help designers to create each time unique apartments. We create the best interior design, which not only complies with international fashion trends, but it becomes a trendsetter in interior design.

Gallery of houses, which you can find on the website, shows what is fashionable now. And now trendy is intellectual comfort and luxury. At the peak of popularity in the interiors there are such wonderful styles as Art Deco, classic style and modern style. The interior design of luxury level in a contemporary style, which is created by designers of Antonovich Design, is a luxury of the new millennium.

Particularly in modern luxury interiors incredible courageous author ideas can be implemented. Spectacular decorative techniques and bold interior design in a modern style raise luxury and comfort to an unprecedented level. Stylish combination of different materials and textures, the use of technological innovations and perfect harmony in every detail make our interiors fashionable and stylish. Best bedrooms interiors differentiate by special charm of home comfort.

Best interior design in classic style, which is represented in the portfolio of interior design impresses with its luxurious image. The luxury interior design in a classic style harmoniously combines the capabilities of modern technology and old traditions. Houses projects meet the highest international standards. The exterior design includes all the traditional elements that are typical for this stylistic direction. Luxury interiors in this style are always decorated with stucco, art paintings, sculptures, gold leaf gilding, luxurious fabrics, marble and wood. With the power of modern technology of laser cutting, today you can create amazing marble floors with carved patterns. Note in Gallery of houses the floor design, it will inspire you and make you think about updating your home, and maybe building a new one.

Best living room design, bedrooms and kitchens in art deco delight with amazing festive mood. Immodest luxury, clothed in a perfect harmonious image, admires its ornate features. Best houses design in Art Deco reflects bright fashionable trends in interior design. Luxury bedrooms look charming thanks to the use of such decorative elements as soft wall panels and mirrored panels. The interiors of kitchens and living rooms with modern technology can make bright accents. The hidden lights look especially stylish with modern led lines. This light can change colors, creating in the interior every time a new mood.

In the portfolio of projects on our website we have selected the best interiors that will help you to understand what kind of style you like. Creating author design projects, we first of all start from the desires of our customers to create for them an ideal habitat in comfortable and luxurious surroundings. If you order the design of the house or apartment, you are guaranteed to get a unique and luxurious interior, which will emphasize your status and become a source of pride. We work in all styles. And in each of the styles, whether neoclassical, Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, modern style high-tech our talented interior designers bring unique features. Providing luxury services, we not only create a luxurious author projects, but also implement them in accordance with the project. And for the most demanding customers, we have provided a package of 5 stars, which includes a full range of services, including filling the house with everything you need.

Enjoying the beauty of the interiors on our website, let you the wildest dreams, and we will implement them.