Best interiors in the world. Luxury house in Istanbul

Luxury living room

This luxurious interior design of the house, which was created by designers of Elite Interiors Studio  Antonovich Design, represents the future of fashion in interior design. The interior of the house impress with its magnificent decoration, starting with the doorstep of the house. Spacious hall continues smoothly spacious living room. Luxury home design is emphasized in every square meter. The walls in the hallway are decorated with natural wood, varnished and stylish designer elements. Marble surface of floor is exquisitely completed with mosaic silver tiles. Several luxurious chandeliers filled the interior of the corridor with bright glitter of luxury.

Living room interior fascinates with bold original solutions by interior designers. Visually luxurious living room is divided into three separate zones. A snow-white grand piano became the center of splendor, which is located on a podium surrounded by a multitude of decorative fountains. This composition is crowned with chic design of the ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with a deep niche and elegant crystal chandelier. On the kindness and hospitality of the hosts two flipping living spaces tell. Two semicircular sofas are upholstered in natural leather color of coffee with milk. This 3d home architect design deluxe in detail shows all the subtle nuances of the luxurious interior of the living room. It’s clearly visible the texture of the leather and velvet which are used in the furniture upholstering. Luxury home design is accentuated with the elite materials. In the floor decor natural wood and marble valuable species are amazingly combined. Spectacular design technique is the use of marble columns in the form of an inverted cone.

Dining room interior

Dining area at this luxury interior of the house is taken out to the big window. The boundaries of spaces for dining are defined with circle in the decoration of floor and ceiling. Marble surface of the floor is decorated with concise circles of carved pattern. Circular niche in the ceiling is filled with suspended element of chocolate hue, against which the unique elegant chandelier looks very well.

A large table is surrounded by high soft chairs that are upholstered with natural velvet creamy. In the luxurious interior design there are delights that are possible thanks to modern technology. The hidden blue lights that frame the large plasma screen and niche borders in the ceiling became a stylish accent. Windows are decorated with straight folds of curtains which are of natural silk of milk chocolate hue.

Kitchen Design

Luxury kitchen interior repeats motifs of decoration of the rest apartment. The kitchen design is distinguished by its elegant mood. The extraordinary chandelier with lots of hangers on thin gold wire creates a spectacular illusion of weightlessness, reflected in the surface of the suspended ceiling. Bright marble surface of the floor is outlined with a square of dark marble, and in the center the harmonious design floor is completed with a circle of carved marble. The walls are decorated with solid dark wood, against which kitchen furniture in light cream colors looks very stylish. Luxury kitchen interior is emphasized with the graceful wrought iron accessories, as well as the blue line of hidden illumination. See

The semi-circular bar counter surrounded by stunning high chairs with lace gilt backs has become a comfortable and stylish solution in the kitchen interior.

Luxurious bedroom

Bedroom design is filled with the original unique designer solutions. The main composition of the interior became a big comfortable bed, which according to the organization of space, is closely related with the design of the walls and ceiling. Soft bed headboard is upholstered with noble textile of deep grey colour with silver shimmer. Headboard seamlessly is continued with the original handrails in the form of sculptures of dogs.

It is emphasized that it is a luxury home design by the presence of forged monogram on the headboard, covered with gold leaf. This is an elegant reminder of the noble status of the family of home owners. Bed is stylishly contrasted with luxurious three-dimensional panel of milky hue on the wall. The panel is framed with wide mirror ornament and facet. This ornament, continuing on the ceiling, was tied into a whole part of this luxurious bedroom interior. Warmth of home comfort was brought into the interior by a large soft carpet and light wooden floor.

Second Bedroom Interior Design

The luxurious interior of the second bedroom has a more refined and feminine mood. Bright colors and an abundance of light visually expand the space of the bedrooms interior Soft plush carpet looks cozy and charming on the floor made of wood. The decor is dominated by dimensional 3d wall panels that are even more incredible with the play of light and shade.

The decoration of the bed in the bedroom interior with a luxurious bed blankets made of natural silk is in perfect harmony with the design of the window. The ceiling design looks elegant and glamorous, which is outlined by the molding with chic decor in the shape of large decorative pearls. Unique furniture with dimensional facades accompanies the wall decoration. In the luxurious bedroom interior designers also made accents using soft blue backlight. Luxury interior design from talented designers gave a lot of joy and happiness to home owners.

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