Delux Interior in a modern style

Living room Interior in a modern style

Luxurious interior in a modern style of Elite Interiors Antonovich Design Studio meets the latest trends in fashion design and architecture. Traditionally for modern interior designers combined area of the living room and the dining room area. Perfect comfort and perfect geometry shapes and lines – these are the main characteristics of this design project.

Design in a modern style allows you to implement bold and exquisite decorative elements. Notes of warmth are brought by a modern fireplace, which is built into the partition of natural marble. Living room design in the modern style is characterized by laconism of colors. Restrained natural tones form a very comfortable atmosphere. A comfortable sofa, which is upholstered with velvet of dark purple hue, became a bright accent in the interior. A house in the modern style necessarily involves the use of modern technology. In the design of the windows modern fixtures are used that allow you to move and push the curtains with a special remote control, and the decor of the stream is emphasized by the hidden lights. This interior in a modern style has become an ideal habitat for home owners.

Bedroom design in a modern style

The bedroom in the modern style succinctly continued design concept of the house. There is the same perfect harmony, in which natural materials got exquisite forms and shapes. Bedroom design in a contemporary style is completed with ornate elements. These are mirrored panels that visually expand the interior space and elegant chandelier with black shades. Interior design in a modern style looks very comfortable, thanks to a warm palette of shades. Windows are decorated with silk curtains of creamy hue. Decorative plaster on the walls of shade coffee with milk, which opalizes with pearlescent sheen, looks stylish.

Large comfortable bed with upholstered headboard is stylishly lit from below with modern led lighting. Enchanting notes of home comfort are brought to the interior with a bedroom large soft carpet. Very stylish and luxuriously fitted into the interior furniture with black glossy facades. Bedside cabinets are completed with exquisite lamps, which are in harmony with a chandelier on the ceiling. The bedroom modern interior became an ideal place to relax in a comfortable environment.

The kitchen in a modern style

A small but very cozy kitchen perfectly embodies the modern style in the interior. Laconic shapes and lines, as well as comfort, typical for the interior. Smooth surface of the ceiling is decorated with shallow niche, which is filled with decorative plaster with the texture of velvet. The fact that this is the kitchen design in the modern style is emphasized with modern ceiling lights, which are mounted in a shallow niche. Elite status of a kitchen is underlined with natural marble, which designers used for work surfaces. Window are curtained with stylish blinds of chocolate hue.

The kitchen in the modern style involves the use of the most modern storage systems. Behind the facade of kitchen furniture hides everything you need and the latest kitchen appliances. In the kitchen interior combination of facades, made of wood, covered with a special varnish and smooth glossy façades of light-beige shade, looks impressive and luxurious. Bright accent in the modern kitchen interior became the line of blue neon lights on the furniture. See this for more information.

Bathroom Design

In the bathroom interior designers vividly demonstrated that modern style can be very elegant and romantic. Despite the restrained range of shades and absence of pretentious decor, the bathroom in modern style looks incredibly luxurious. First of all, this luxurious atmosphere in a modern bathroom interior have been created by our designers with the use of natural marble in the walls decoration. Bright stylish marble resonates with dark gray natural stone. Transparent glass partition that separates the shower makes the bathroom visually more spacious.

A special role in this part of the home is played by light. Here it plays particularly important role. Around the perimeter of the ceiling squares of downlights are placed. Additional line of illumination adorned the walls. This is an ideal image of bathroom interior in the modern style.

Dressing Room Interior

Modern house designs from talented designers raise comfort to unprecedented heights. In the house interior a small but very comfortable dressing room is provided. There are those same elite elements of decor, as in all the other apartments. Dressing room interior has a full capacity and ergonomics. Open shelves extend over the entire height of the ceiling. Optimal organization of space in this part of the interior will accurately and conveniently store clothing and shoes.

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