Elite Villa Design in Istanbul


House interior design begins with a spacious lobby with luxurious stairs. Marble floor is decorated with author carved patterns that may be created in the most incredible versions, due to the capabilities of modern technology. The house interior emphasizes the high status of home owners, their love of beauty and impeccable taste.

House design from Antonovich Design Studio made real all the dreams of the mansion owners about their ideal home. Space of the living room, dining room and kitchen are combined into a single unit. Read more there are. Spectacular decorative techniques from talented designers in the space zoning make the living room interior more luxurious. So the dining room area and living room are separated by two graceful columns with silver capitals, which are highlighted at the top with led lighting.

Cozy mood of warmth of the hearth is brought into the interior of the living room by a marble fireplace. Many windows in the living room let in a sufficient amount of daylight, making the apartments more elegant and luxurious. Windows are decorated by curtains from luxurious silk velvet of warm lilac hue. High ceiling is decorated with elegant author chandeliers. Bright expanse of marble floors was completed with stylish carved patterns by our interior designers.

Bedroom design

Bedroom interior design in the house project is very comfortable and luxurious. Ceiling design is in harmony with the author solution interior designers in all the other apartments. The ceiling is decorated with elegant author chandelier and lines of illumination around the perimeter. To emphasize the warmth of home comfort in the bedroom designers have provided a floor made of wood valuable species.

In the bedroom interior decoration of the bed is in perfect harmony with the windows design. Windows are decorated with silk curtains with a bronze hue. From the same silk a bedcover is made. The house interior in every space turned out refined and elegant. Bedroom looks especially charming. First of all, the charm to the bedroom is added by walls. Interior designers have applied this fashionable today decor element, like a soft wall panel. Here, this panel is upholstered with natural velvet coffee color. The wall behind the headboard is decorated with luxurious silk wallpaper with delicate lace printed patterns.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen has become a harmonious continuation of the living room and dining space. Interior designers of Antonovich Design Studio always create exclusive author interiors that meet the latest trends in fashion design and architecture. Particularly in the modern fashionable interiors it is often combined into a single unit interior such spaces as the kitchen interior, living room and dining room interior. Kitchen design was very elegant and refined.

Interior designer used contrasting combination of fine white facades of kitchen furniture with working surfaces made of natural marble in shades of lilac. Soft chairs which are upholstered with natural velvet of lavender hue amazingly fit into the kitchen interior. Design ceiling has got completely finished look. The ceiling is divided into two tiers. Each tier is illuminated around the perimeter with a soft hidden lighting. In the center the luxury kitchen interior is lightened with elegant chandelier with crystal pendants waterfalls. Rallying point in the apartment was the marble floor with exquisite carved swirls with patterns of carved dark stone.

Study design

Romantic and, at the same time, a little restrained, compared to other spaces at home, is the study interior. Interior designer created perfect space for working and creative inspiration. House design is worked out in such a way that each family member feels as comfortable as possible. Head of the family spends a lot of time for his favorite thing. And the luxurious interior of the study helps him to manage work and communication with the family.

A study is implemented in the large semi-circular window. Home comfort notes are brought in the interior by silk curtains of cocoa with milk shade. Curtains are picked with soft wide ribbons flowing into the room enough daylight. An important role in the study interior, of course, is played by furniture. Table made of wood of valuable species is in harmony with the overall color scheme of the interior. For comfortable minutes for reading or just relaxing there is a sofa that is upholstered in natural leather.

Dressing room interior

Interior Designers of Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design perfectly organized dressing room space. In the interior everything is provided to store clothes comfortably. Furniture includes open shelves and comfortable wardrobes with modern storage systems. Luxury interior of cozy dressing room stressed the elite status of the house project design. Silver carved handles decorated white furniture fronts.

The ceiling is decorated with plaster with the velvet texture. Concealed lighting completed bright interior image. The floor is made of natural wood of valuable species. Home interior design is perfect in every square meter. Proof of this is the cozy and comfortable, functional and ergonomic interior of the dressing room. In such an interior selection process of clothes turns into a beautiful ritual.

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