In every author house design project designers of elite interior design studio Antonovich Design bring luxury zests. Luxury living room interior meets the latest fashion trends. Elegant luxury makes home interior especially fascinating. Snow-white surface of the ceiling in the living room adorned with an author massive chandelier and a line of soft lighting. Ceiling twists are outlined with neat wide molding.

Living room interior design is filled with a sense of warmth of home comfort. First of all the pleasant warmth in the interior is provided by exquisite marble fireplace. Fireplace is situated between the windows, which have curtains made of natural silk. For a relaxing mood in the cozy atmosphere interior designers have provided a large aquarium. Living room design looks amazing, thanks to the luxurious soft furnishings. The large sofa upholstered with natural light velvet. Nobility and aristocracy of the room interior are emphasized by high marble columns with white capitals. At the window interior designers placed a spacious dining area.

Bedroom design

Bedroom interior design looks luxurious and royal. There interior designers also took as a basis the bright range of colors. Especially cozy mood is brought into the interior of the bedroom by a big fireplace made of natural marble. Comfortable chairs with high backs are upholstered in soft velvet of milky white. Large windows in the bedroom interior are decorated with soft folds of curtains made of natural silk with shade of milk chocolate. Curtains are gently picked up, revealing transparent white tulle to skip to the premises sufficient daylight.

The snow-white ceiling around the perimeter is highlighted with a line of hidden illumination. And in the center the interior is lightened with a big elegant chandelier. The floor of dark wood contrasts stylish and luxurious with the white ceiling. Bedroom interior design looks particularly great, thanks to the large comfortable bed with high upholstered headboard. Bed and the whole luxury bedroom interior are fully reflected in the large mirror panels on one of the bedroom walls.

Children’s room interior

If the whole house design project is made in the spirit of modern classics, the children’s room interior designers provided something special and unique. The interior is dedicated to all the children’s dreams and fantasies. The luxurious interior of the children’s room is completely dedicated to the romantic theme of sea travel. The interior designers supported this design concept by a suitable range of shades and charming author decor. The luxurious interior fully made all the dreams of the child true about his own ideal room in the house. Large windows curtained with original curtains of silk harmoniously combine blue, white and red shades.

The walls in the children’s room interior are decorated with large beautiful paintings on marine theme. Warmth of home comfort is brought to the interior by the floor of wood. In the interior large wardrobes fit very succinctly, behind smooth facades of which there are plenty of shelves and drawers to store everything you need. A touch of romance interior designers have brought to the apartment with the help of ceiling design that visually resembles a blue sky with light clouds.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen interior design beautifully combines the latest technology and traditional moments. The interior designer based on bright range of pastel shades to expand visually the interior space. This exquisite decor option can be described as Italian kitchen design. Two small windows exquisitely blended with the furniture set. Between the windows designers have placed the main attribute of modern kitchen, namely fashionable electric stove.

The windows are decorated with stylish author blinds with geometric design. The kitchen is fully emphasizes the elite status of the house interior. Work surfaces and floors are made of natural marble. Working surface at the stove interior designers have completed with a stylish decorative pattern of metal. Milky furniture fronts hide the most modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances. A dining table with upholstered chairs is placed at large panoramic windows. Italian kitchen design is emphasized with the curls of carved patterns on the marble floor.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design in the author house design project by elite interior studio continued elegant and luxurious mood of the whole interior of the house. Bathroom interior is made in bright colors. A large mirror with beveled panels, that decorated the walls and the inner parts of the open cabinets, make bathroom elegant and visually more spacious. Luxurious oval tub is located at a small window.

Window decoration is quite restrained and concise. It is decorated with laconic blinds. Very elegant and luxurious bathroom interior is made with a stylish chandelier with forged elements and small crystal chandeliers. A console table looks very elegant, where a washbasin is installed.

The table is based on the gracefully curved silver legs. A mirror in a dark frame and stylish bras with black cone-shaped shades look spectacular against the table. Practicality and luxurious image of the bathroom interior is added by the floor of natural marble with carved patterns.

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