Luxurious penthouse design in TURKEY

Living Room Design

House design by elite interiors design studio Antonovich Design which is implemented in the style of Art Deco with accents of light oriental style. At the highest professional level interior design in 3d is made, which shows all the details and fine points that have been created by talented interior designers.

Luxury apartments of the country house amaze and delight with its beauty from the first moments of your stay in the house. Spacious hall decorated with massive crystal chandelier that fills every corner of the interior with bright colors. Artful design in 3d allows us to watch the smallest details of the author beautiful decor. Elegant chandelier is framed with the stucco decoration in the form of flower petals in traditions of oriental ornaments. The artsy pattern on the marble floor is in harmony with the ceiling design. A decorative fountain with light and sculptural composition underlined elite status of the interior. Read more here.

Interior designer has provided a lot of details that make a luxurious interior especially comfortable. The soft semi-column looks amazingly with pouf at the base. Poof relies on sophisticated iron base. Stylish accent, which was made possible by modern methods of lighting, became blue lights. 3d home design made it possible for our customers in the first phase of the project in detail to see their future luxury home. One of the main home decorations has become a magnificent staircase leading to the second floor. Spacious hall harmoniously continues luxurious living room interior. Graceful marble columns with elegant capitals define the boundaries between these spaces.

There are also accents of soft blue backlight. The living room interior is decorated with stylish furniture that is upholstered in noble burgundy velvet. The living room design perfectly emphasized impeccable taste of the house owners and a keen understanding of the world of luxury and comfort. 3d architectural design demonstrates a perfect harmony and excellent organization of space, where everything is thought out so that each family member feels as comfortable as possible.

Study design

For the head of a noble family the interior designer has provided a luxury study. 3d interior design helps you to estimate better how perfectly the study space fits into the overall architectural layout of the house. Desk is located in at large semi-circular windows. All the furniture in the interior of the study is made of wood of valuable species, which is lacquered and inlaid with carved handmade decor with gilding.

Notes of home comfort are brought by the interior designer with the help of window decorations. The windows have curtains made of natural silk of light beige shade, which is sewed round with wide chocolate-colored edging. In the study interior everything contributes to an ideal creative environment. The lighting in the interior is provided with an elegant crystal chandelier and a lot of crystal ceiling lights. Also an excellent way to emphasize the home comfort in the interior became soft wall panel. 3d interior design from professionals of the studio shows in detail the moments of luxury and fine textures and shades.


Hospitality and cordiality of the home owners to everybody is fully demonstrated by the dining room interior. The designer, according to fashion trends combined interior space of the living room and dining room. There is a large dining table made of wood of valuable species, inlaid with carved handmade decor. The table is surrounded by chairs with soft luxurious noble poise, which are upholstered in plush velvet. Luxury dining room interior is completed by spectacular design techniques.

Dining area is taken out to a large window and raised on a low podium of natural marble, which is around the circle is highlighted with blue backlight. The ceiling design continues sophisticated mood of the interior. Stucco with oriental motifs frame an elegant chandelier with neat shades of chocolate hue. Wall decor in its luxurious decoration is not worse than the rest of the interior. The walls are decorated with soft wall panels and stylish author decor elements. Interior designer has created a wonderful space where every meal is a royal luxury, each dish is amazingly delicious and a conversation is warm and pleasant.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design in 3d design project can be compared to the work of art. To this part of the luxury home interior designer has paid particularly close attention. Here everything is shining with splendor and is dedicated to the comfort of home owners. A big window is decorated with silk curtains. Element of comfort became an elegant sofa, which is lined with fine fabrics and inlaid with carved decoration, covered with gold leaf.

Bathroom design distinguishes with amazing luxurious decoration. Expanse of marble floor is decorated with swirls of author patterns. The ceiling is decorated with elegant moldings. In the wall design there are marble columns, mirrored panels and beautiful mosaic pictures. Bathroom interior is also decorated with elements of natural stone and carved handmade frame.

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