That’s what how luxurious perfection looks like. Talented designers of Elite Interiors Design Studio Antonovich Design created a magnificent interior, which harmoniously intertwined classic style and Art Deco. Interior design in 3D helped our customers before the project to see in detail their future luxurious interior.

Living room design is with elegant and noble traits. Interior designers divided living space into two zones. At the large panoramic windows overlooking the beautiful landscape they have placed sitting area with two soft comfortable chairs that are upholstered in luxurious velvet of milk chocolate shade. This area is raised on a low podium and is separated from the living room with stylish crystal curtains. In this part of the interior designers have gone from the traditional curtains on the windows and replaced them with laconic blinds of light beige shade.

Luxury living room interior design looks homely with a modern fireplace. Line of decorative tongues of flame brings to the interior romantic mood. Luxury furniture decorated the living room interior. Sofa and chairs are upholstered in luxurious velvet and encrusted with natural wood of valuable species.

Elite status of the apartment interior is underlined by floor of natural marble with carved patterns. Modern interior includes also some fine points that are possible thanks to modern technology. Interior designer has placed bright accents using tapes of led backlight. A major role in interior lighting is played by a massive grand chandelier.

Kitchen Design

Tenderness and subtle features of a kitchen harmoniously continued overall design concept of luxury apartment. Interior designers cleverly combined the traditional moments of classic style with modern fashion trends.

The latest kitchen appliances are exquisitely veiled behind facades of kitchen furniture. As a basis in kitchen interior designers have a bright range of cream shades. Windows are decorated with luxurious silk curtains, which are framed by white tulle with delicate lace patterns.

Countertops made of natural marble adequately emphasized the elite status of the interior. Floor and ceiling design are in perfect harmony with each other. Refined mesh ornament brought into a luxury kitchen interior playful tone. With elegant decor ceiling designers zoned the space.

Oval niche ceiling defines the boundaries of the dining area. A table is made of wood painted in a light cream color. Gracefully curved table legs are perfectly combined with the outline of a comfortable upholstered chair with oval backs. In the interior of the kitchen there are also presented bright accents in the form of hidden lighting that decorates the ceiling around the perimeter and furniture elements.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is filled with sumptuous decor in the tradition of classical style. 3D interior design in detail reveals the gorgeous appearance of the bathroom interior. The front door made of wood is inlaid with carved decor handmade and decorated with charming soft oval panel with deep tightening.

Luxury apartment design is particularly bright expressed in the bathroom interior. In the ceiling design there is stucco, which is covered with gold leaf. Under the light of the elegant chandelier and soft hidden lighting stucco curls shimmer with golden beautiful reflections. The walls are decorated with marble tiles of ivory colour. Against this background of delicate shades massive carved frames, which frame the mirror look bright and stylish.

Modern luxury home necessarily involves the use of natural marble on the floor. In this bathroom interior natural brown marble is combined stylish with light mosaic tiles, which decorate the steps leading to the bathroom. Bathtub itself looks royal and luxury. This luxury is emphasized with mirror beveled panels and two elegant marble columns with molded capitals.

Bedroom design

Best bedrooms interiors from Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design always differ with bright personality and luxurious image. This beautiful bedroom interior delights and enchants with its magnificent decoration.

Warm pastel shades set the tone of gentle mood in the interior. The ceiling is almost completely filled with stylish niche illuminated through the curls of beautiful patterns. Softness and warmth of home comfort is underlined with the soft panel on the wall behind the headboard. Panel is upholstered with natural velvet of cocoa with milk shade, and deep tightening makes this particularly fascinating this element of decor.

Curtains of heavy golden silk perfectly fit into the bedroom interior. This mood of golden luxury shine was caught by massive carved frame, which decorates the large plasma panel. Warmth of home comfort has been emphasized by the floor made of wood of valuable species with special impregnation, as well as a large fluffy carpet.

Professional home design in 3D clearly shows all the colors and textures of the interior. The design of this bedroom is designed to give beautiful moments of pleasure to owners of the apartment.

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