The hall interior

Graceful original solutions were offered by interior designers of Antonovich Design Studio for project of luxury home in Turkey.

This is an exclusive interior design project in the style of neoclassicism. This style has been chosen by our customers to emphasize the high status and good taste.

A modern classic in the design of the house has got an absolutely unique and beautiful forms and shapes. House interior in Turkey received a warm, cozy and very luxurious.

Beautiful classical interior features fascinate with their impeccable beauty, starting from the hall interior. In this part of the space of the house designers used charming reception symmetry in the decor.

Two complete compositions with elegant soft semi-columns that frame a niche with high luxury vases, as if reflected in each other. Great floors design is in the lobby.

Elegant carvings on the marble floor are comparable to the work of art. The floor design is in perfect harmony with the ceiling decor.

Dining room

Luxury hall interior is laconically continued with spacious and comfortable living room. Bright gamma of warm colors filled the interior of the living room with mood of warm summer evening.

Coolness of luxury marble is in nice contrast with the wood flooring in the living room. Floors made of wood, soft natural carpet and marble fireplace in the living room interior brought a pleasant moment of warmth of the hearth.

Traditionally, the modern classic interiors dining room and living room are combined into a single unit area. To zone the space designers decided by the ceiling decor.

With the help of author luxurious chandeliers they determine the center of the space areas. Walls look elegant and aristocratic in muted shades of gray, highlighting the interior decor such as paintings with backlight.

The beautiful image of the living room interior is completed with luxurious curtains of silk creamy.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is closely linked with the living room and dining room interior. The kitchen floors of natural marble perform not only the aesthetic function, but also serve as a practical basis for the interior.

Kitchen countertops units are decorated with natural marble. The space of the kitchen and the living room is separated by semi columns of light beige color with white capitals and silver belts.

Milky-white facades of furniture are in perfect harmony with white ceiling, extending the interior space and hiding modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances.

Children’s room Interior

The children’s room design has got a very romantic mood primarily due to the wall decor.

The entire wall behind the headboard of comfortable bed is decorated with black-and-white prints with the image of the modern metropolis.

Luxury wallpaper with an ornament in a wide strip succinctly continued wall design. Interior designers skillfully presented features of architectural design of the room.

The ceiling polygon is outlined with neat white moldings, which are illuminated around the perimeter with the hidden LED backlight.

White furniture and mirrored panels help interior designers to visually expand the space of the room fit Curtains and bed furnishings in soft shades of green juicy accent the total range of pastel shades.

Study’s design

In the author’s project a luxurious home office is provided, as head of the family spends a lot of time on the things he loves.

Interior designers exquisitely combined warmth of home comfort and working environment. Luxurious furniture from rare varieties of wood emphasizes the elite status of the interior.

The ceiling design in a classic style looks luxurious. Working room interior exudes elegance and gentility.

The favorite owner’s picture of the house with lighting evokes pleasant moments of creative inspiration.

Bedroom interior

Exclusive bedroom interior design gave an unusually soft and cozy look. The main decoration of the interior is the big comfortable bed with high upholstered headboard.

For headboard walls are decorated with soft wall panel made of natural velvet with a shallow sink tightening.

In the total range of shades of bedroom interior curtains of silk with a steel shade fit very nice.

Soft and even illumination of the bedroom interior is provided with an elegant chandelier and a thin line of covert illumination, which outlines the ceiling around the perimeter.

Bathroom interior

The bathroom interior for guests turned unusually refined, continuing luxurious mood throughout the design concept of the house.

Mirrored panels, which reflect the lovely decor items of the bathroom, significantly expanded the space.

Shower with clear glass decorated with exquisite curls pattern. White furniture is in perfect harmony with the snow-white mosaic tiles.

Bathroom interior

The house design project Turkey aims to build a comfort of its owners to unprecedented heights. The spacious bathroom, which is located next to the bedroom, is a clear confirmation.

Luxury apartment bathroom is decorated with a large mirror with beveled panels.

High ceiling is decorated in the center with an elegant chandelier with dark shades.

Large mirrors, plenty of lightening elegant decor items, all of this together forms a perfect picture of modern luxury.

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