Modern look of luxury

Living room design

Luxury living room interior is perfect in its beautiful form. Interior Designers of Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design created the ideal apartment in which harmoniously the dining area and the living room area are combined.

This wonderful mood of luxury starts with corridor interior and harmoniously continues in every square meter of the apartment. The interior is filled with impressive design solutions. The hall just shines with gold of the sun. In the luxurious interior decoration elements of walls, floors and ceiling resonate harmoniously. The ceiling is decorated with an amazing backlit panels through the ornate gold pattern. Carved handmade decoration on walls is covered with gold leaf that shines under the light bulbs. Marble floors of the luxurious interior of the house are in harmony with wooden floors in the living room.

The living room is located at the large panoramic windows that curtained with luxurious silk curtains. The house interior design looks especially perfect thanks to circular columns in the living room. Elegant columns are topped by capitals with backlight.

Best bedrooms design

Bedroom design looks kingly luxury. The abundance of gold and golden hues filled the bedroom interior with a special charm of luxury and comfort. High ceiling is adorned with massive elegant chandelier with forged elements and crystal pendants. The lighting of the bedroom interior is added with a hidden line around the perimeter of a niche in the ceiling. Graceful curls of stucco decoration are covered with gold leaf.

Bedroom design is adorned with a large soft bed with high upholstered headboard, which is inlaid with carved handmade decor. Interior designers harmoniously continued the bed splendor with a big soft panel on the wall. The wall panel, as a headboard, is upholstered with noble velvet of juicy purple hue. Charm warmth of home comfort in the bedroom interior is brought by the floor from natural wood and soft carpet in the middle of the room. The best bedrooms designs from Antonovich Design Studio always differentiate with an impeccable image of luxury and comfort. The luxurious bedroom interior stressed the elite status of the house.

Child’s room design

Luxury child’s room interior is created for a new-born heir of the family. In general, the author house design project is made in the spirit of modern classics. And for the child’s room interior designers offered a slightly different concept. The luxurious interior of the child’s room fully expresses the sincere love of parents for their child and the desire to give him only the best.

As this author project of the child’s room is created for the baby, there is also considered comfortable stay of adults in the room. In general pastel range of delicate shades emphasizes softness and comfort in the interior. Pale blue became prevailing in this range. The hearth warmth is emphasized by the floor of the floorboards. The ceiling design looks amazingly romantic. Shallow niche with exquisite outlines is filled with tensioning element of blue hue. Around the perimeter of the niche it is illuminated with hidden light. Furniture made of wood, which is painted in milky-white color, perfectly fit into the child’s room interior.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design harmoniously continued luxurious mood of the country mansion interior. The bathroom interior contains the same luxurious decor elements that designers have used in the living room, bathroom and bedroom interiors. There is a large bathroom. In a window design interior designers have used a translucent organza of charming golden hue, which is gathered in soft folds. A ceiling design also looks very luxurious. The ceiling is adorned with ornate moldings, which is covered with gold leaf.

The luxurious bathroom interior is lightened with elegant chandelier and small spotlights. In the wall decor the interior designers use natural marble and exquisite mosaic tiles with a romantic ornament. The floor in the bathroom interior is also made of natural marble and adorned in the center with an exquisite pattern of carved stone, which was created by the author sketches of the interior designers. Bathroom design is intended to give a lot of pleasant moments to homeowners.

Kitchen Design

For the kitchen interior in the house a separate space is allocated, which is ideally organized. Kitchen design, in addition to the perfect luxury image, distinguishes with excellent functionality and ergonomics. Luxury kitchen interior was decorated beautifully by the interior designers. The ceiling is decorated with a deep niche with stucco decoration and modern tape of led lighting.

The center of the ceiling of kitchen interior is lightened with a massive elegant chandelier with neat shades of chocolate and plenty of crystal pendants. Kitchen furniture is made of wood painted in milky white and encrusted with carved decoration handmade with gilding.

Kitchen countertops made of natural marble in shades of brown amazingly contrasts with white facades. Interior designers have provided in this author project the most advanced storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances. High bar stools, which are covered with noble textiles of emerald hue, became charming accents, rich and deep.

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