Luxury interior design of the living room is worthy of the royal palace. Interior designers have created beautiful apartments in which home owners will always feel royally luxurious. The high ceiling is decorated with stylish designer decor.

In the center there are curls of exquisite stucco decoration which surround the stylish elegant chandelier with forged elements. Smooth curves of niche outlines in the ceiling are softly illuminated from the inside and supplemented by small spotlights around the perimeter to illuminate brightly every square meter of luxury.

Interior design emphasized the elite status of home owners and their wonderful taste. In the decoration of the walls in the living room interior there are romantic art painting with urban landscape of ancient cities. Window decoration looks harmoniously in the room interior. Windows are adorned with noble silk curtains of light beige shade.

The mood of warmth of the hearth has been brought into the interior by a beautiful marble fireplace. Light cool of marble floor surfaces, which are twined with beautiful swirls of carved patterns, is perfectly compensated by large Persian rug in the middle of the room.

Comfortable furniture, which is upholstered in velvet noble deep blue and cream-colored textiles with printed pattern, looks very effectively on Persian rug. Traditionally, living area is combined with the dining room zone.

Living room interior is divided from a spacious hall with high graceful columns. In the lobby the elite status of the home interior has been underlined by skillful stained glass backlit on the ceiling.

Bathroom Design

Modern luxurious interiors of elite design studio Antonovich Design can be easily compared to the works of art. In the design project of the house every room is beautiful and charming. Bathroom luxurious decoration is not worth than the rest of the apartment.

Great combination of gold and bright colors makes the bathroom interior particularly elegant and refined. Competent organization of space of the bathroom interior allows designers visually to expand the space.

The bath looks very romantic and luxurious at the small window which is curtained one side silk curtain. The ceiling is decorated with deep niches with soft lighting around the perimeter. Shower perfectly fits into this luxurious interior thanks to its clear glass framed in gilt metal elements.

Elite status of the interior was highlighted by luxurious columns with stucco white capitals. Interior designers zoned space with the help of modern sliding system made of transparent glass with white filigree pattern. Art painting on the wall with the image of the urban landscape brought to the bathroom interior shade of romance.

Kitchen Design

Traditionally, in modern luxury interiors living room, dining room and kitchen are combined into a single unit area. This raises the comfort to an unprecedented level. Dining area emphasizes the aristocracy of home owners. A large table made of wood inlaid with carved handmade decoration, which is covered with gold leaf.

Table surrounded by towering soft chairs with noble bearing. Chairs are upholstered in noble blue velvet. They look gorgeous thanks to metallic embroidery threads. Natural marble floors in the interior of the house became a rallying point in the house interior.

Kitchen design succinctly fits into the overall picture of luxury and comfort. Behind the facade of kitchen furniture that is also encrusted with skillful carved decor the most modern storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances hide.

And spectacular highlight in the kitchen interior became a bar with a working surface of natural marble of purple hue. The bar is surrounded by high, soft chairs with fabric upholstery in blue tones.

Bedroom Design

Luxury bedroom interior is designed in the best traditions of classical style. Interior designers have provided a lot of things to create the perfect comfort for the home owners.

Thanks to the bright pastel palette of shades bedroom interior looks very elegant, gentle and peaceful. Ceiling design visually unified interior space of bedroom, which designers divided into two different zones for different purposes – the sitting area and sleeping area.

In the ceiling decoration, as if mirrored in each other, there are two niches with graceful contours that are highlighted on the perimeter. Bedroom zones divided luxurious and stylish partition with light and delicate patterns. Two elegant chandeliers with wrought iron elements and neat white sand shades illuminate the beautiful and luxurious bedroom interior.

Warmth of home comfort interior designers emphasized by a floor made of wood and small soft carpets. Large windows are curtained with white transparent tulle and chic curtains of coffee shade of translucent fabric.

The main decoration of bedroom interior, of course, is the big comfortable bed with high upholstered headboard, which is inlaid with carved decoration. Elite status of bedroom interior was adequately emphasized by the rest of the furniture. At the bed there are two luxurious bedside chests on stone gracefully curved legs and inlaid with carved handmade decor with gilding.

Dressing Room Design

Dressing Room Interior Design distinguishes with maximum functionality and ergonomics. Interior designers perfectly organized small area space. In the interior of the dressing room, they used the same elite materials, as in the other rooms, as well as continued overall design concept of the interior.

The floor is made of natural wood of valuable species. Smooth surface of the ceiling was decorated with concise ceiling lights that illuminate the interior of the dressing room evenly.

Inside the furniture is equipped with modern storage systems, which are very convenient to use. Additional accents of the dressing room became hidden lights. Visually the space has been expanded by interior designer with the help of a mirror panels in the open closet. In such a comfortable and cozy dressing room it is very convenient to store shoes and clothes.

Each house design by the talented designers of the design studio is thought out to the smallest detail for our customers feel as comfortable as possible in their home.

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