Luxury villa apartments Istambul

Luxury villa apartments designed by the talented designers of elite interiors design studio Antonovich Design perfectly reflected the high status of home owners, their warm and welcoming character.

House design Turkey became fulfilling of a dream of villa owners about their new luxurious home, which would become a source of pride. Interior designers harmoniously combined into one modern classic and elegant art deco.

The result is a grand in its grandeur architectural design of the house. Every square meter of the interior of the elite house on the coast differs with its refinement and perfection. You feel great and at the same time comfortable in this house.


The entrance portal is decorated with impeccable composition, which became a vivid embodiment of the charming mix of two popular styles in the interior.

Elegant nobility of classics is reflected with two tall graceful columns of creamy colour, which are decorated with stylish ripple. Columns are decorated with exquisite capitals, which are highlighted at the top with the hidden LED backlight.

Doors, made of natural wood of rare type, stressed the elite status of the interior. Doors are inlaid with exquisite carved decoration, which is covered with gold leaf.

The luxurious wide door is framed by two stripes of mirror panels with bevel. Very cute and homey big house plants look in this part of the interior.

Window decoration

House design Turkey differs with ideal geometry of luxury and comfort. Stylish symmetry is observed in the apartments on the ground floor of the luxury villa.

Two windows on either side of the entrance portal in the spacious living room are decorated with luxurious curtains in a classic style. Designers have proposed an excellent material for curtains, which brings the atmosphere of the interior unusually cozy and warm mood.

Luxurious velvet of milk chocolate shade is gathered in soft folds of drapery with the help of large golden brushes. The completed look of curtains is made by a wide purfle of golden velvet, which covers curtains.

Dark velvet is elegantly combined with transparent snow-white curtain lace that lets in a sufficient amount of daylight. This composition is combined with a white wide molding, behind which curtains fixation is hidden. Comfort at the highest level in every detail is characteristic of this author design project of the house.

Ceiling design

A special role in this project is played by a luxurious design of the ceiling which beautifully combines old traditions and opportunities of new technologies.

The high ceiling is decorated with a beautiful picture which gives aesthetic and sensual pleasure. The surface is divided into shallow niches, each of which is illuminated by the entire perimeter with a hidden soft illumination.

The central part of the ceiling is decorated with a circular niche, in the center of which the interior is lightened with massive grand chandelier.

Elegant stucco charmingly added a magnificent image of the ceiling. This element of the decor looks completed thanks to the additional decor of fine weaved lines and a variety of ceiling fixtures that designers have placed evenly around the perimeter of the ceiling.

The whole space is outlined with a snow-white molding.


The possibilities of modern technology and design have touched floors in the living room.

The floors in the interior of this luxury mansion are the top of design art. For floors in the living room interior designers offered natural wood of valuable species.

The floor looks like a picture of the artist. Skillful carvings with elegant swirls of patterns introduced into the interior a touch of sophistication and pleasant mood of warmth of the hearth.

With decor designers zoned the house space. Carved figure delineates the border of living room area. In the center soft natural carpet added a pleasant feeling of home comfort warmth.


Furniture looks dignified and noble in this cozy interior. Two comfortable sofas look in inversed manner. Sofas and chairs stressed hospitality of house owners.

Sofas upholstered in velvet noble of milk chocolate shade are in harmony with the windows design. Comfortable chairs with a noble back upholstered with plush of cream colors.

The center of the living room is decorated with an elegant coffee table on gracefully curved legs.

Composition is completed with two high tables on curved legs, on which there are lovely table lamps with white shades.

When in the evening a big happy family and their guests gather, just what they need are two lovely square pouf upholstered in velvet.


Part of the furniture in the interior is closely linked with the decor of the walls. Walls continued mood of luxury, which gave the interior a classic style and Art Deco.

Very harmoniously a big plasma blended into the interior of a modern living room. Thanks to the soft wall panels made of natural velvet with a shallow sink marks, modern gadget looks succinctly in the living room.

Sense of celebration is brought by mirrored panels with bevel. Part of the wall is decorated with plaster in cream colors, against which canvases of artists look amazing in gilt carved frames.

Console tables with carved legs in gold leaf gilding further stressed elitism of luxurious interior of the suburban villa.

Dining Room

With sitting area designers have combined a luxurious dining room, which is sure to give every meal a royal charm. Luxurious furniture with curved handmade ornate, nice lighting and elegant wall decor, all this emphasizes the beautiful and exquisite taste of the owners of the suburban villa.

House design Turkey reflects the latest trends in elite interiors. This house is the perfect habitat of its owners, who have reached incredible heights in life.

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