The main advantages of “Prestigious” design project: You get the finished project as a full-color album with all the necessary drawings and computer visualization photographs of facilities. Terms for the implementation of the design project depend on the square of the object.

Order this service and in 7 or 8 weeks, we will provide you with:

D-1 Plans of measurements, with linked utilities.
D-2 Several options planning (one or two).
D-3 several options for colors and stylistic points (one or two)
D-4 Detailed plans after replanning
D-5 Scale construction plans with mounting and dismounting
D-6 One or two options of furniture arrangement.
D-7 Floors with layout plans of the material.
D-8 Ceilings drawings.
D-9 Lighting premises scheme with all bindings.
D-10 Distribution of lines with switches and placement plan.
D-11 Drawings of switches placement.
D-13 Drawings cuts across the ceiling
D-14 Circuits with underfloor heating.
D-15 Scheme of door openings.
D-16 Scheme of the air conditioning system.
D-17 Scheme of equipment placement for the kitchen.
D-18 Drawings for placement plans of bathroom equipment.
D-19 Calculating the materials and detailed plan of bathrooms.
D-20 A detailed plan of the walls, including the detailed materials of particular areas with decor.
D-21 The complete specification of the furniture with reference to suppliers and accurate dimensions.
D-22 Interior visualization of in the program (3-4 looks per room).
D-23 Previous selection of furniture and decoration materials: a previous selection of kitchen, cabinet and upholstered furniture; floor coverings; doors, tiles, bathroom equipment.