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Фото руководителей студии Антонович Дизайн

Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury and comfort. Magnificent interiors, sophisticated style and luxury apartments are PRESENTED ON THIS WEBSITE.

For ten years our studio has been creating luxury housing and luxurious interiors. Each design project is designed to make the dream of the customer about his ideal home come true. Erasing the invisible line that exists between dream and reality, we give the happy moments of hearth warmth. Interior Designers of Antonovich Design Studio have multi-faceted talents and boundless creative inspiration. Unique house design projects differentiate with colorful character and personality. Sincere warmth and friendly communication are inherent to work over a project. Each of our customers can feel like a co-author of a luxurious interior.

Combining harmoniously into one unit, old traditions and the power of modern technology, we build luxury and comfort to unprecedented heights. We work in all popular styles of design and architecture. Author classic interiors, Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, modern style delight homeowners worldwide. We work for those who are tempted and understand the value of true luxury.

In the luxurious classical interiors we use luxury materials and exquisite decor. Art murals are created by the talented artists. Beautiful bas-reliefs are creation of brilliant sculptors’ hands according to author’s sketches of interior designers. Your home will be comparable to the work of art and fully will emphasize the high status and taste.

Projects in the best traditions of Italian design exude true passion and elegance. Those interior solutions that are created by well-known interior designers express the depth and multifacetedness of their talent.

In our work we follow three basic rules:

Individual approach to each client

Exclusive design solutions in every project

One hundred percent compliance with the implemented project of its 3D visualization

Individual approach to each client allows creating unique beauty of the interiors, which never happen again. Famous interior designers of Antonovich Design Studio every time embody the dream of an ideal habitat. The best proof of the high level of service is hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. The portfolio of our works contains presidential residence, palace complex interiors, design projects of restaurants, offices interiors and exteriors, design projects of houses and apartments in Europe and Asia.

With great trepidation and attention we treat our customers in Turkey. For comfortable cooperation we have created an exclusive site that is dedicated to Turkish audience. This is an amazing country, where the fantastic traditions of the East are closely intertwined with the new European trends. Particularly this wonderful interlacing we reflect in our design projects.

House design by Elite interiors Antonovich Design Studio reflects intellectual comfort, which becomes a major factor in the creation of elite living. Intelligent comfort implies latest storage system in furniture, modern curtains fixtures to the windows, which can be adjusted by remote control. Also fashionable accents in modern interiors become bright accents in the form of led lines backlight. This innovation in lighting helps to create unique interiors, which can change color shades.

One of the points of the project is to fill the house with everything you need. If desired our customers can personally visit the factory or manufacturer of furniture, fabrics to see firsthand the quality of products, and choose exactly what they like. These trips are necessarily accompanied by our designers, who help to make a choice perfect. Ideal chosen accessories, up to bed linen and pleasant things in the form of cooking utensils and dishes, make the process of project implementation a real pleasure.

Watching the work of professionals, you can enjoy a wonderful sense of anticipation of your new home.

VIP design, by definition, means the highest level of services and takes into account all the wishes of customers. Modern interior design requires not only talent and inspiration, but also a thorough knowledge of modern technology. Therefore, all the studio specialists regularly visit exhibitions and improve their skills. In the arsenal of Antonovich Design you can find awards of international competitions. But our main award is love and appreciation of our customers.

We sincerely wish you success and prosperity. Always ready to fulfill your wildest dreams of your own new home. You can make an inquiry on our website and we will contact you to specify all the details. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of luxury and comfort along with us, because you deserve the best!